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BIN API Lookup

√   Your bank information is safe as we do not store or view any data you entered.

We provide limited FREE API lookup access for those who would like to integrate our BIN Checker, Credit Card Number Checker or Credit Card Number Generator into your systems. This page served to provide the documentation on how to utilize our easy to use FREE API Lookup function.

The API Lookup function is FREE to use, but we require all API users to register in order to enhance the security & prevent system abuse. Once registered, you will obtain an API Key which is a mandatory in order to use our FREE API Lookup function.

We impose daily limit of 20 of API queries per day. API Users may view their daily usage count in the user area. Daily limit will be reset at 00:00 UTC.

If you use more than 20 API Call per day, you may buy Premium API Credit in the User Area. Premium API Credit will only be utilized once you used up your FREE daily 20 API Call. Meaning that, if your daily API Call is less than 20 units, Premium API Credit will not be deducted. Premium API Credit also has no expiry date.

If you want to use our limited FREE API Lookup, but yet to register, kindly proceeds to API Registration Page.

We have three API Lookup function available to end users namely BIN Checker API, Credit Card Checker API and Credit Card Generator API.

The documentation on how to use our API Looup functions is listed below. Please choose the API function that you would like to use for complete documentations.

Standard API

Premium API

More API from our partner site.