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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BIN database will be updated at least once a month, normally at the beginning of the month.

You may contact us in order to report an incorrect BIN.

To access for API Services, you have to register in order to obtain an API Key. Make sure you enter the correct email and website address you plan to make the API Calls.

Our API Access is reserved for developers who use our services in their own or their company websites for the purpose such as fraud prevention. If you or your company doesn't have any websites, you can use our web base services such as BIN Checker, BIN Search & Finder, Credit Card Checker and Credit Card Generator.

Before we issue an API Key, firstly, you have to verify your email address used for registration by clicking on the verification link provided in the email. Once you have done that, we will review the data that you entered during registration. If all the information is valid & we satisfy with it, then we only approve and issue an API Key to your account.

Once approved, you may start using or testing the API Services by utilizing our 20 FREE Daily API Calls. Take a look at our API Documentation pages for information on how to make an API Call.

Unfortunately, we only allow one(1) account or API Key for each individual and/or company. We are very strict in this because we find out many multiple registrations with the intend to abuse our 20 daily FREE API Calls. Any duplicate account will be suspended and eventually deleted.

Yes, you can use the same API Key in multiple websites that you or your company own.

Yes, one (1) API Credit is for one (1) API Call with an exception of Multi-BIN Checker Premium API.

In Multi-BIN Checker Premium API, each API request will utilize the same amount of API Credit as the input BINs. For example, if you make a request to check 10 BINs, then 10 API credits will be deducted.

If you need more API Calls, you may purchase Premium API Credits, which allow you to make more than 20 API Calls per day. Premium API Credits have no expiry date, and it will only be deducted once you used up all the 20 FREE Daily Credits. You may refer to the pricing page for more information.

You have to login to the User Area in order to buy Premium API Credits. Payment is via PayPal but if you are having problem to pay via PayPal, contact us for other alternative payment methods. Please bear in mind that, only approved account with "Active" status allow to buy.

Due to many fraud cases, new account will only see and buy the two(2) lowest plans. We will evaluate your API usage & payment's records and will upgrade your account when it reaches a certain rating threshold.

Any duplicate or in-active account without any Premium Credits will be suspended and eventually deleted. On top of that, any account buying Premium API Credits and subsequently make a charge back will be permanently suspended.