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We add a new tool for Generating Credit Card and Debit Card number, the Generate Credit Card Number by Bank. With this tool, now you can generate valid (but fake) Credit Card or Debit Card number by selecting your preferred bank. This tool is the additional on top of Generate Random Credit Card Number and Generate Credit Card Number from BIN.

Starting from 11th October 2016, we change the limit on the number of FREE API Calls to 50 calls per day.

Please also remember that, each company or user can have only 1 account. Any duplicate accounts will be suspended and eventually deleted.

We updated API Request URL to be shorter and easier to remember. Kindly refer to API documentations on BIN Checker API, Credit Card Checker API and Credit Card Generator API for the new API Request URL.

While we strongly recommend all API users to migrate to the new API URL, the old URL still accessible but please migrate at the earliest opportunity.

After receiving numerous numbers of requests, finally we manage to complete new BIN Search & Finder Tools.

Kindly take note that, BIN Search & Finder Tools only provide brief BIN data. In order to obtain detail's BIN information make sure to use our BIN Checker tools.

In order to prevent our systems being abused by users, we also impose a speed limit of 2 API Query per seconds for FREE users. FREE API users mean that any users who did not have any Premium Credits. If you have any Premium Credits, speed limit does not apply to you.

We do not strictly enforce on speed limit because our system does have grace period and leeways, but FREE users should try to abide to this. So, if your usage did go beyond this limit occasionally, you don't have to worry. Only user who consistently went beyond this limit will be affected.

If you want a higher speed limit, do purchase some Premium Credits.